Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spreading My Wings

Thank you to all of those who have continued to read this blog. I do have an announcement to make. I am now a writer for That doesn't mean that I will be posting less on this site, but I will most likely move my shorter, Knicks (or generally basketball) centered article over there. I will sometimes post on both sites. Hopefully I can get a few more people to jump over here if they like what they see. This was the first article that was posted there. Thanks to New York Knicks Memes for allowing me to contribute to their blog.

NBA Playoff Preview (with First Round Predictions)

The NBA playoffs are about to kick off in an hour (as I'm writing this) with the Knicks hosting the Celtics at the Garden. I'm very excited, especially because I finally get to see the Knicks make a serious push to get to the Eastern Conference Finals. The rest of the Eastern Conference isn't very intriguing, but the West looks great all around. Of course, I'll cap off this season like I did last year, with one post per day throughout the Finals known as the NBA Finals Chronicles. For now, let's just get on with the predictions, and I'll be breaking down the first round series.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Knicks 125, Thunder 120

The Knicks played a great game today, extending their winning streak to 12 games with a road win in Oklahoma City against the Thunder.

The key factor in this game was the lack of turnovers for the Knicks. There was a small stretch of repeated turnovers, but otherwise the team team took great care of the ball. 

The ball movement around the perimeter was incredible. As a team they were giving up good shots for great shots (as usual) and coming out with a bunch of wide open threes. Jason Kidd, Raymond Felton, and Pablo Prigioni were especially good at this today.

Felton was driving to the basket with ease and able to pass for an inside-outside play. 

Carmelo Anthony was aggressive, like he should always be, always trying to get to the hoop and not shying a way from contact. He came away with 9 offensive rebounds, 4 of those coming off of his own misses. He had a disappointing game with only 37 points (such a bum, am I right?). Hopefully he can work on that heading into the playoffs. Melo was getting points from all spots on the floor. If he can be this aggressive during the playoffs, the Knicks will give the Heat a reason to worry.