Sunday, December 16, 2012

NFL Picks: Week 15

Coming off of the worst week that I've had so far, I completely forgot to pick the Thursday Night Game. There's a reason for that, because no one cared about Bengals/Eagles. The Eagles are bad, and the Bengals aren't too hot themselves. Trust me on this, I'm not picking the Eagles again this year, regardless of opponent or spread. Chalk this up as a win for me.
Bengals (-4.5) over EAGLES. 
This means that I miraculously came out of early week games with a 9-8 record, after starting off 2-6 in such games. I'm also, 1-0 this week and 100-111-4* overall. Ask Golden Tate why there's an asterisk there.

"UPSET ALERT" next to games in which I think the underdog will win outright, not only cover. Also, home team in CAPS.

FALCONS (-1) over Giants. I think the Giants are on their late season run as usual, but I can't pick against Matt Ryan and the Falcons at home.
BEARS (+3) over Packers. Wow, the Bears have been sliding lately, but unlike other people I think there's still hope.
BROWNS (Pick'Em) over Redskins. Don't look now, but the Browns are actually good. All of their losses have been close and they've played well as of late. With RGIII out (I do like Kirk Cousins though) the Skins could have a letdown.
RAMS (-1.5) over Vikings. Christian Ponder is back to his old, terrible ways.
Jaguars (+8) over DOLPHINS. The Dolphins are decent, but this is a massive spread. I'm going to take the points and run.
Buccaneers (+3.5) over SAINTS. The Bucs are the better team in this matchup of atrocious pass defenses. It's simple.
Broncos (-2.5) over Ravens. Baltimore will keep it close, but a field goal victory isn't too much to ask of the G.O.A.T.
Colts (+9.5) over TEXANS. Once again, I'm going to take the points, laugh, and run. The Colts will definitely keep this a single digit game. Houston should definitely walk out with a win however.
BILLS (+5.5) over Seahawks. The Sea Bags aren't a great team on the road, so I see the Bills keeping it close here. Russel Wilson and the boys will most certainly win.
Lions (-6) over CARDINALS. Not terribly confident in picking the Lions, but I'm not taking the Cardinals again for the rest of the year. They are the worst team in the NFL.
Panthers (+3) over CHARGERS. The Panthers have been respectable recently, and the Chargers just came off a fluke victory in Pittsburgh. UPSET ALERT.
Steelers (+2) over COWBOYS. The Steelers are better, though not very good either. UPSET ALERT. 
RAIDERS (-2.5) over Chiefs. Pure home team pick.
49ERS (+5.5) over Patriots. The Niners and Colin Kaepernick will keep it close. They have the better defense, and their pass rush will annoy Tom Brady to no end, leading to a major upset victory. UPSET ALERT.
Jets (+1.5) over TITANS. Time for my mini-rant about my Jets. I hate this, I completely hate this. I don't want the Jets to make the playoffs, because it suggests that they're a good team and can be in contention for next year. Tannenbaum will keep his job, and they'll "reload" for a run at the playoffs in 2013. The only possible outcome of a playoff berth this season is a blowout exit in the first round, and an unreasonably high draft pick. I fully expect that Jets to win out and make the postseason, but I'm not at all happy about it. Oh and this is one of the worst Monday Night games this year. (Right up there with Eagles/Panthers).

Last Week: 6-10
This Week: 1-0
Season: 100-111-4*

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