Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Daisuke Disaster

On Wednesday, my friend Spencer and I decided to buy tickets to Friday night's Mets/Tigers game. Thursday afternoon, the Mets announced that they have signed Daisuke Matsuzaka to major league contract and that he will join the rotation on...Friday.

I rolled my eyes.

I rolled my eyes again.

I shook my head. 

I chuckled to myself. 

I already knew that Matsuzaka wasn't very good, but I decided to check out his baseball-reference page. Let's just say, some things are best left unknown. 

I get it, the Mets are very thin on starting pitching unless they stupidly rush someone like Rafael Montero or even Cory Mazzoni up to the major league roster before they're ready. 

I just really hope that the Mets don't think that he is going to be a long term solution. Or even a short term solution. I'm pretty sure it's just a publicity stunt, and I'm completely fine with that, the season is almost over and they are going absolutely nowhere (except hopefully second place!). 

We knew that Friday night's game would be interesting, which is why Spencer hatched this gem of an idea. The sad part was that looking at a lot of the reaction, I felt like one of the few who understood just how bad Matsuzaka is at his job. 

Well he started the game off striking out Austin Jackson looking, leading to us immediately placing a backwards "K" on our sign. Then in probably the most hilariously accurate microcosm of his career, he followed up that great start by giving up a bomb to Torii Hunter.

Things got worse in the second inning when Hunter hit a ground rule double to drive in a run, Miguel Cabrera happened, increasing the lead to 5-1. After that, Dice-K seemed to settle in a bit, throwing Cholula Hot Sauce level heat with his blazing fastball that topped out at 91.

Look, as long as he's not meant to be a part of the long term future, I really don't care either way because this is a dead season. That is, as long as when the September callups happen, he isn't stealing any time from a more important, younger pitcher who actually has a future with this team. 

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