Sunday, January 27, 2013

NFL Picks: Pro Bowl

The NFL Pro Bowl is finally upon us! I'm so excited for this game, it's the best game of the year. Everyone dreams of playing in this game, which is why so many players salivate at the opportunity to go every year. Seeing the best players on the field at the same time is truly amazing.

(Realizing that the Pro Bowl is not the Super Bowl)

Okay so that first paragraph was obviously a joke, because the Pro Bowl is a joke itself. Players beg out of the game, forcing their doctors to cite "injuries." As a result, the original rosters are just a skeleton at this point. This is also because the Super Bowl teams cannot send players to Honolulu, and they usually have a lot of All-Stars because naturally, a lot of All-Stars leads to a Super Bowl berth.

The replacement players are still very good, so I can't complain that much. The biggest problem with the game, is the effort by the players. No one cares to play hard and the defense is atrocious. Have you ever seen a hard tackle in a Pro Bowl?


Still waiting...

No answer? Because you haven't seen one yet.

How can you fix the Pro Bowl?

First of all, bring back the skills competition on Saturday. This is something that the NBA and NHL excel at, with the All-Star Saturday probably being more interesting than the All-Star Game itself. The MLB only has one skills competition in the Home Run Derby but it too is exciting. The NFL eliminated all the events that they used to have because someone got injured during one. Whatever, freak injury, it happens. The quarterback skills competition would be very good right about now. But of course, I need to go on NFL Network just to see Drew Bledsoe vs. Brett Favre in the deep ball contest. I liked seeing Darrell Green at the age of 50 outrun everybody. Other things can be added, just as the hardest hit, in which a machine measures the force of a hit. Something creative. It would add some luster to what is now a silly event in Hawaii every year.

The NFL also need to get rid of the rules about not blitzing and not being able to rush kickers and punters. This makes the Pro Bowl into a touch football game. The players can still protect themselves from injury, like they would in any other game.

My pick for this game: Watching Paint Dry (+3) over PRO BOWL

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