Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ed Reed's Impact on the Jets

Will the Rex Ryan-Homeless Ed Reed combo relive their Baltimore magic? Photo from
This week, the New York Jets signed longtime Ravens safety Homeless Ed Reed, who was cut by the Texans just two days prior. Reed, who in addition to being probably the greatest safety ever, has a special place in English language, as you can find his picture next to the definition of the word "homeless."

And now, he's on my team. But what exactly does it mean? Is there going to be an Homeless Ed Reed Renaissance? Is he going back to his old ways and help improve the struggling secondary?

Well, not really...Last season, Homeless Ed Reed was not that great in coverage. Don't believe me?

I asked my friend Phil, a diehard Ravens fan, who watches every game online because he lives in New York, to describe how he feels about Reed's play last year. He told me the exact same thing, and added, "He just wasn't able to get there and make a play like he used to." And at 35 years old, you can't blame him. People age, and football players age fast.

Yes, Reed had his greatest years when Rex Ryan was the defensive coordinator from 2005 through 2008. But as you can see from those dates, that was a long time ago. Just because there's a connection between these two doesn't turn Reed into a 30 year old again. 

His athletic ability is pretty much gone, so he can't be relied upon to stay with receivers downfield. So what is he going to do in a Jets uniform? I'd say stand there and look pretty, but, well...this is how he looks in green. He can provide some veteran leadership, and possibly mentor struggling DBs such as Antonio Allen and Kyle Wilson. On the field, he won't matter. 

In fact, he should have gone out on top with Ray Lewis in February, the right way, winning his first Super Bowl. But alas, like many other great athletes before him, he hung on too long, and will be relegated to "player"-coach mode on the Jets. 

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