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NFL Picks: Week 10

While I believe that they lose this game, Cam Newton and the Panthers will put up a fight and earn respect from fans around the league. Photo from

Seneca Wallace gift-wrapped me a win with my Bears pick, but he also caused me emotional pain. I ahve Jordy Nelson on my fantasy team, and because of Wallace's incompetence, I lost my matchup by .9 points. Thanks Seneca.

I have no idea how I lost my Seahawks pick. Look back at that matchup again and tell me why they didn't cover the 15 point spread. Even after they were down 21-0, it still didn't make sense how they wouldn't beat the Buccaneers 37-21. They won the game, but not by enough.

You'd think that the Raiders game would be the furthest off I ever would have been on a game, as I picked them to cover the spread of 2.5, before they ended up losing by 29 thanks to Nick Foles. But of course, that would mean that you're ignoring when I picked the Cardinals +10 over the Seahawks last year...before they lost 58-0.

Keeping with the spirit of losing, let's get to the Thursday night pick!

So yeah, that was wrong, putting me at 6-4 overall on Thursday night games.  It also makes me 70-63-2 on the season. Not bad, but there's room for improvement. And that improvement starts now.

UPSET ALERT next to games in which I think the underdog will win outright, not just cover. Home team in CAPS. 

Seahawks (-4) over FALCONS. Seattle looks off right now, but the Falcons were never on. They're a complete mess, and the Seahawks should win this easily. Last week was an anomaly. Sort of, I believe that they have some issues to be worked out, especially a long the offensive line, but they'll play a lot better this week.

BEARS (Pick'Em) over Lions. I think that the Lions are the better team, but the Bears are the home team. While Josh McCown has looked decent, Jay Cutler is an upgrade.

Eagles (-1) over SENECAAA. I'm still very annoyed about what Seneca dd to my fantasy team, but besides that, the Packers are in trouble with him at the helm. Other than Jordy Nelson and Eddie Lacy, the team is very Aaron Rodgers driven. He made their other weapons a lot better, and the defensive deficiencies could be masked by Rodgers leading the offense to score many, many points. While Lacy will be able to run all over the Eagles, it won't be enough.

TITANS (-12.5) over Jaguars. The Titans are a borderline playoff team, and the Jags are gruesome. I'll take the good team to win by two touchdowns.

COLTS (-9) over Kellen Clemens. The Colts are really good, and Kellen Clemens is really bad. Unfortunately for the Rams, he's their starting QB. So that's not fun for St. Louis.

Raiders (+7) over GIANTS. There are two reasons for this pick. First of all, the Giants are simply bad, and all of this playoff talk is stupid. Stop it, bad football teams don't go on winning streaks. The second reason is that this is the classic Giants game where they get killed at home just because. It usually happens anywhere from two to four times every season. UPSET ALERT. 

Bills (+3) over STEELERS. E.J. Manuel will be returning in this game, which spells doom for Pittsburgh. Dare I say it? I think that the Bills are the better team. UPSET ALERT. 

Bengals (-1) over RAVENS. The Ravens look really bad right now, so I expect the Bengals to take advantage of that and get back on track.

Panthers (+6.5) over 49ERS. The Niners should win, but the Panthers should keep it close. Another semi-surprise, they are really good right now, and winning their division isn't out of the question.

CARDINALS (-3) over Texans. Pretty much a pure home team pick here because I don't really know what to make of either team.

Broncos (-7) over CHARGERS. San Diego's defense is bad, which means that Peyton Manning will be having a field day. The fact that the game is in San Diego worries me a bit, but not enough for me to pick against the G.O.A.T.

Cowboys (+7) over SAINTS. Two great offenses squaring off on Sunday night. The Saints should definitely win, but it would be hard for them to cover.

BUCCANEERS (+3) over Dolphins. The Fins are in so much turmoil right now, that it might just affect their on field performance. Also, the Bucs have to win eventually, right? After dominating the Seahawks for the first half last week, Tampa showed that they are a competent football team. So that's a plus! Mike James looked really good and call me crazy, but Mike Glennon wasn't awful. Their defense is still really good, so they can't go 0-16.  UPSET ALERT. 

Last Week: 8-5
This Week: 0-1
Season: 70-63-2

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