Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekly Awards 7/2/12

Best Player in Baseball- It's still Mike Trout, he can do everything!
David Kahn Stupid Free Agent Signing of the Week Award- Now that Free Agency is starting, this award is given the the worst acquisition through free agency for the past week. The signing period actually starts on July 11th, but between yesterday and today, we have a winner. Omer Asik has been given a 3 year $25 million deal by the Houston Rockets. That's not the worst part. The first two years are at $5 million each with a heavily backloaded 3rd year of $15 million. Fifteen million dollars for Omer Asik for a year. He can't score. He can't hit layups. He's been a backup center for his whole career. He's offensively worse than Kendrick Perkins, and that's hard to do.
Impressive Minor Leaguer of the Week- Speed is the word to think about with Billy Hamilton. I don't even know what to say about him. His speed is freaky. He has the chance to match and even surpass Rickey Henderson's record of 130 stolen bases in a season. Why? He's currently on pace for 178 stolen bases. He has 98 in 77 games so far in the California League which is in Class A+ (they only play 140 games in the California League). Don't think that he's inefficient when he takes off. He's stolen 98 and has only been caught 21 times for a steal success of 82.35%. Wow, I am so excited to see him in the All-Star Futures Game this year.
Amar'e Stoudemire/Javale McGee Stupid Act of the Week- San Francisco Giants fans. The two leaders in batting average in the National League, Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz (CHOOOOOOOOCH) catcher for the Phillies and Mets third baseman David Wright are not starting in the All-Star Game.Who's in front of them? Pablo the Panda Sandoval who suspiciously made up a 400,000 vote difference in the past two to three days and Buster Posey starting at catcher. Both Sandoval and Posey are All-Star players, and they should be on the team, but they shouldn't be starting ahead of the two guys currently leading the race for the batting title.
Fix Your Bullpen- New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies. They both actually can make the playoffs if they acquire one or two relievers. The Phillies finally rid themselves of Chad Qualls.
Stop Putting so Much Effort into a Backup- New York Jets, two-time winner of this award.
Skip Bayless Annoying Analyst Award- I didn't hear anything outrageous in the past week of basically listening to ESPNRadio all day long. So, it's still Skip Bayless.
Birthday of the Day- Angel Pagan, so sad the Mets traded him. Shout out to Rhett Bomar turning 27, he might actually throw a pass in the NFL one day. Maybe.
Mike Trout Award- Michael Nelson Trout


  1. Towards Trout? Don't worry, later this week I'll write a post describing why he is so good. Just know that he is the best.