Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekly Awards 7/30/12

Best Player in BaseballMike Trout
Win/Win Deadline Deal- The Angels and Brewers made a very good trade on Friday night. The Angels bolstered their rotation, which was supposed to be very good, but has been hurt by the fact that Ervin Santana has been terrible and Dan Haren was hurting until last week. Locked in a tight race with the Rangers and even the Athletics, the Angels need ways to get ahead. Zack Greinke is obviously one of the best pitchers in baseball, and he will help push the Halos upwards in their division. The Brew Crew were able to take back two highly regarded prospects. Jean Segura and Ariel Pena are considered to have above average futures ahead of them, so this trade is good for both sides.
Impressive Minor Leaguer of the Week- He's been in a lot of trade rumors lately, so I'd like to get him in here before he's jettisoned out of Texas. Mike Olt can be a very good third baseman for years to come. He's very good defensively with a lot of raw power at the plate. Hitting .291 with 27 homers in AAA looks good to me. I watched him in the Futures Game earlier this month and he has a very good approach at the plate and considering the lack of depth at the third base position in baseball currently, he can be in the Top 5 in a couple of years.
Amar'e Stoudemire/Javale McGee Stupid Act of the Week- I'm just going to say, Hope Solo, respect your elders.
Fix Your Bullpen- Better over the past week, but the trade deadline is tomorrow at 4 P.M. Let's Go Mets.
Stop It! Stop It! Tebow is a Backup!- Hey ESPN and the Jets, no one cares about Tebow running in the rain.
Skip Bayless Annoying Analyst Award- Now that I don't have to go to work during the day for the rest of the summer, I get to watch First Take everyday. Skip Bayless really has to stop his Tebow love. It's annoying.
Birthday of the Day- NBA Hall of Famer Chris Mullin (honor of the Dream Team)
Mike Trout Award- I get to watch him tonight on ESPN. Yes!
NL Version of Mike Trout- Andrew McCutchen

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