Monday, July 16, 2012

Trout for MVP

Mike Trout is the best player in baseball but, if you've read my Weekly Awards over the past two weeks, you already know that. Let me explain why:

Everyone talks about his 5 tools, but he actually has 6 tools. Speed, fielding, throwing, power, hitting, and of course, the one tool that nobody else has; Troutskills.

There's a reason why he leads the MLB in Wins Above Replacement (WAR) with 5.1.

Trout has 30 stolen bases in 67 games. He leads the AL is this category and is tied for the MLB behind (one of the worst players in the MLB) Dee Gordon, who has 30 in 78 games. In addition to stealing a lot of bags, he almost never gets caught. His SB% is 90.9% because he has only been caught 3 times.

Just watch him play defense. His speed allows him to cover so much ground that his range is one of the best in baseball. Has anyone seen his leaping catch at the wall? Couldn't have missed it, it was all over the place (thank you ESPN). His arm is really strong and very accurate.

The home run numbers aren't really there for Trout, with only 12 so far this season, but he is tied for 5th in the AL is slugging percentage, and 4th in OPS. He leads the AL is OPS+ which is a ballpark-adjusted version of OPS, putting all numbers into a league average stadium, taking out the quirks of each individual stadium. He gets a lot of hits, and he hits them very far.

.349 batting average, best in the AL. He can hit all types of pitches in all types of locations. People have tried. It's hard to get him out. He got a single in the All-Star Game, off of R.A. Dickey, the first time that he has ever seen a knuckleball on the Major League level.

His Troutskills are amazing. He's Mike Trout.

He's my MVP for now (though Cano is REALLY close).

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