Monday, October 8, 2012

MLB Postseason Predictions

Yeah, I get that I probably should have written this a very long time ago. That's a lot to ask of a high school student. Don't worry, these picks have not been effected by the results.

Wild Card Round

Braves over Cardinals. Kris Medlen has been the best pitcher in baseball for a while. Eh, well thanks to the outfield fly rule, I was wrong here.

Orioles over Rangers. Texas looked terrible down the stretch. Somehow the Orioles sustained their level of play even though they aren't a very good team.

Division Round

Tigers over Athletics. Los Tigres will have a better pitcher in every game this series, and you are only as good as your starting pitcher.

Yankees over Orioles. I have legitimate issues with the Yankees and their pitching staff, but they are better than Baltimore. Unless of course Mark Reynolds continues to be a true Yankee killer.

Nationals over Braves. Would have been an amazing matchup if a certain umpire (along with the Braves defense) would have let this happen. Washington is better.

Reds over Giants. A lot of people think that the Reds can't do well in the playoffs, but I say that their bullpen will be hard to match up with. Not to mention that they have Joey Votto.

Championship Round

Tigers over Yankees. I can't believe that the Tigers even snuck into the playoffs after the White Sox decided to fall apart. Once again their pitching staff is much better than that of the Yankees.

Nationals over Reds. Strasburg who? They are in general a better team than Cincinatti, but it should be a fun series.

World Series

Nationals over Tigers. The not-AL MVP Miguel Cabrera won't do that well against this Nationals pitching staff.

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