Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weekly Awards 10/10/12

Best Player in Baseball- He's not in the playoffs, but he's still Mike Trout.
Right Tackle of the Week- The winner of this award will never be a guy who faced the Texans...
J.J. Watt Award- He is too good.
Jets Touchdown of the Week- I said it on the facebook page and I'll say it again, Kick Returns are the most exciting plays in football. Joe McKnight delivered.
Game of the Week- Packers/Colts had an amazing second half. It seemed like the game was out of hand when the Pack went up 21-3, but Andrew Luck chipped away at Green Bay's defense and came away with a shocking upset.
Time to Jump Off the Bandwagon- Maybe that game wasn't that shocking... Green Bay has looked unbelievably out of sync on the offensive side of the ball all season, and didn't even look as good as they should have against the Saints. Outside of a Thursday night game versus Chicago, the defense has been bad again. With the Bears playing so well on defense and the Vikings not being a fluke, I'm seriously wondering if the Packers can make the playoffs. Oh, and there goes my Super Bowl pick.
Time to Jump On the Bandwagon- Ryan Tannehill is still bad, but I'm liking his team. As long as their running backs can stay on the field, they have a balanced two-headed monster. Defense is the hallmark of this team, and it's very hard to challenge their front seven. One of the best run defenses in the game. In fact, they rank #1 in yards per game currently. They won't lose games without a fight.
King of the Bottom of the Hill- Russell Wilson was still mediocre against the Panthers. I have a feeling that he will be mentioned here for a long time.
Worst Team in the NFL- Okay, picking the Saints may have been an overreaction, but even though they won (thanks to a gift from the refs) they are still near the bottom of the league. New cellar dweller, the Bills. They have surrendered 97 points in two weeks after they spent the offseason improving that unit.
Coach of the Week- Harbaugh is still using his best QB, my boy King Kaepernicus, to his advantage. Shoutout to Norv Turner being Norv Turner.
Newest Boy- Welcome to the club Percy Harvin.
Best Team in the NFL- They somehow struggled against my Jets on Monday, but they still won. They can't be tamed.
My Fantasy Team Player of the Week- Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Marshall, and JULIO! Jones all got at least 25 points.
Amar'e Stoudemire/Javale McGee Stupid Act of the Week- All people getting angry at Joe Girardi for pinch-hitting for A-Rod. Stop acting like the player is amazing. Right now, he's slightly above average and in a major slump.
Birthday of the Day- Crazy name club! Paul Posluszny and Troy Tulowitzki.
The G.O.A.T. Got No Help!- Willis McGahee cost the Broncos their game in New England.
Mike Trout Award- The true MVP is sitting on his couch.

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