Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 7 Preview: Patriots at Jets, The Fifth of Many Bitter, Rambling Jets Articles

Rob Gronkowski's return creates a matchup problem for the Jets. Photo from
Patriots: WR Danny Amendola (concussion. Get well soon! -Anxious Fantasy Owner Who Thought You Were A Steal In The Fifth Round Of A PPR League), DT Tommy Kelly (knee), RB Leon Washington (ankle)

Jets: WR Santonio Holmes (foot/hamstring), WR Greg Salas (knee)

Patriots: CB Aqib Talib (hip)

Jets: None

Patriots: RB Brandon Bolden (knee), OL Marcus Cannon (shoulder), OL Dan Connolly (concussion), WR Julian Edelman (thigh), TE Rob Gronkowski (back/forearm), TE Michael Hoomanawanui (knee. Oh my God, I spelled it correctly...from memory!), WR Matthew Slater (wrist), DB Tavon Wilson (hamstring)

Jets: None

Patriots: CB Kyle Arrington (groin), DB Devin McCourty (shoulder), DL Rob Ninkovich (groin), OT Nate Solder (back)

Jets: More frustration. Eleven guys are listed, I'm setting the limit at ten. Rex is trying to Out-Belichick Belichick. CB Dee Milliner (hamstring) is back.

I root for one of the most inconsistent teams in the NFL this year. After a really good performance on the road against a better-than-their-record Atlanta Falcons team, the Jets followed it up six days later with an absolute stinker of a performance hosting the Steelers.

Geno Smith had an awful game, and so it has been with him this year. One good game, and one bad game. Even in his good games, he overthrows receivers and has really bad moments. And yet, I still feel like not only does he have the built in excuse of being a rookie, he's been pretty impressive. There have been enough good moments to lead to hope for the future, when he is able to put it together and reduce the mistakes.

I do think that the Jets have a real chance of winning, because they have the second best run defense in the NFL; no matter what running back has gone against them so far, they have been shut down. And without Danny Amendola, the Pats are down to Kenbrell Thompkins, Julian Edelman, and Aaron Dobson as receivers. Edelman may not even play, but one other guy will...

Rob Gronkowski has been cleared to play, and while I don't know how healthy he is, or how comfortable he will be on the field, that's a huge factor. The Jets should take a page out of Belichick's playbook (other than the injury report chaos), and play Gronk how the Pats played Jimmy Graham last week, by draping a big cornerback on him all day. Of course, that guy would be Antonio Cromartie, but having him cover the tight end leaves Kyle Wilson guarding the slot again, despite Dee Milliner's return this week. Even against guys who aren't so great, Tom Brady can exploit that.

I don't know what Geno Smith going to do in any particular game, so I can't pull the trigger on this one. I really want to, but Smith makes it too hard.

Patriots (-3) over JETS.

Patriots 20, Jets 16

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