Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 6 Preview: Steelers at Jets, The First of Not Very Many Glowing, Giddy Jets Articles

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Steelers: WR Markus Wheaton (finger)

Jets: WR Santonio Holmes (foot/hamstring), CB Dee Milliner (hamstring)

Steelers: None

Jets: None

Steelers: None

Jets: OL Oday Aboushi (knee), CB Antonio Cromartie (questionable)

Steelers: QB Ben Roethlisberger (right finger)

Jets: Everyone on this team is probable. Just stop it Rex.
Look, I'm a high school student. I don't have time to watch every single down of a Monday night game. It just isn't possible. I saw the score earlier and I thought, "hmmm, blowout, why even bother."

But of course, I root for the Jets, where despite having a great defense, no lead is safe. That would be too un-Jetslike. 

So when I saw that the Falcons scored to put themselves up 28-27 with 1:54 left, I said, "okay, now this is a must watch."

I would like to tell you about my life from about 11:26 PM to 11:33 PM on Monday night:

I turned on my TV. 

I became nervous but excited. 

Geno takes the field and throws a bullet to Stephen Hill for a 12 yard gain. My eyes widen. Is this real? I ran back to my room to send a tweet and a facebook message.

Now I'm back. No-huddle offense, Geno Smith connects with Jeremy Kerley this time for a 13 yard gain over the middle. 

It was late and my mom was asleep, so I started to silently jump and bite my thumb so that I don't scream. 

A 9 yard pass to Hill puts them at the Atlanta 46 yard line, and now I'm dying. I run back to my room again, tweet, send out three facebook messages that all said something along the lines of "GENOOOOO."

Now just because he can. Smith scrambles for an 8 yard gain on 2nd & 1. Now I'm really jumping and letting an odd, muffled scream out. 

Now the drive slows a bit, with a 4 yard run by Bilal Powell and a timeout. Now a 3 yard pass to one fot he worst receivers in the league, Clyde Gates. Another timeout. 

It's 3rd & 3, with 25 seconds left and one timeout. What is Marty Mornhinweg going to call here? A quick pass could work. Nope, a running play. 

And Bilal Powell gets the first down with a great second effort. 

Now my mind is bursting at the seams. So I put my sweater over my mouth and let out a scream. Only I could hear it. 

After a timeout with 3 seconds left, Nick Folk drills a field goal as time expires. Now I'm silently fist-pumping while trying to avoid punching my wall. I'm jumping. I'm loudly whispering "yes." 

I tweet. I post two facebook statuses that said "THAT WAS BEAUTY" and "This one game is better than Mark Sanchez's whole life."

Now I think I've calmed down, but I'm still impressed with what I saw from Geno Smith and Marty Mornhinweg on Monday night. The play-calling was excellent, as was the execution. 

So what does this mean for today's game against the Steelers? Well, the Steelers are overall a bad team, so I expect the Jets to take an early lead and hold it with their defense. 

The offense is what it is, but let's just talk about the defensive side of the ball for now. I feel bad for Ben Roethlisberger; he's playing behind a porous defensive line against the likes of Sheldon Richardson, Quinton Coples, and Muhammad Wilkerson. Good luck Big Ben! I expect at least 4 sacks today, and that's probably really low. 

Pittsburgh should be in catch up mode for most of the game, and that's not an easy thing to do when Roethlisberger is flat on the ground every other play. 

JETS (Pick'Em) over Steelers. 

Jets 27, Steelers 6. 

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