Friday, August 15, 2014

Exciting News

I returned from my trip to Ghana last Friday, and I'd say that my vacation was a successful one, as I got some valuable experience working at a newspaper, where I got seven articles published over the course of my four weeks working.

But that's in the past. As for the future...

I've secured a job writing for Mets Merized Online, one of the most fun, and most visited, Mets sites out there. It's a great opportunity to significantly expand my audience.

Of course, everything that I write for them and every other website will still appear on this blog. 

Speaking of this blog, I'll be starting my NFL Preview Extravaganza later this month. Being that my trip cut into the beginning of August, I did not have nearly enough time to preview every team in the NFL separately, so I will be previewing each division as a separate article over the course of eight days leading up to the season opener on Thursday, September 4. 

After my division previews, I'll power rank all of the teams, and finish it all off with a full preview including team records, standings, playoff predictions, awards, and other random predictions. 

As this website continues to allow me more and more opportunities, I need to thank the loyal readers who have continued to check out this blog even though it's not the most famous. 

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