Sunday, December 7, 2014

NFL Picks: Week 14

Quick picks again. I was at a 3 day conference, so I have a lot of work to catch up on. And because of that conference, it wasn't until the fourth quarter that I realized that the Cowboys and Bears were playing football. So, clearly, I hadn't made my pick. This happened once earlier this year, and I resolved the situation by honestly, retroactively making my pick. I will do the same year. I would have picked the Cowboys -4 in a heartbeat. Yes, that looks like the easy way out because the Cowboys covered, but that's what I would have expected.

BENGALS (-3) over Steelers.

BROWNS (+3) over Colts.

LIONS (-10) over Buccaneers.

JAGUARS (+6.5) over Texans.

DOLPHINS (-3) over Ravens.

VIKINGS (-3.5) over Jets.

SAINTS (-9) over Panthers.

TITANS (+2.5) over Giants. 


CARDINALS (+2.5) over Chiefs. 

BRONCOS (-10) over Bills.

RAIDERS (+8.5) over 49ers. 

EAGLES (-1) over Seahawks.

Patriots (-3.5) over CHARGERS.

PACKERS (-13) over Falcons. 

Last Week: 6-10

This Week: 1-0

Season: 88-102-2

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