Sunday, December 14, 2014

NFL Picks: Week 15

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Sports
As we head to the final week of school before Winter Break, with schoolwork and college apps controlling my universe at this moment, it's time for quick picks again. I'll return next week with a full picks column.

It all began Thursday, when I made my pick on Twitter a few minutes after the game began, after just getting out of seeing an amazing Broadway show (everybody go see Disgraced. Seriously. This is a can't miss). I correctly picked:

Cardinals (+4) over RAMS. 

Yay for me.

UPSET ALERT next to games in which I think the underdog will win outright, not just cover. Home team in CAPS.

Steelers (-3) over FALCONS.

Jaguars (+14) over RAVENS.

Packers (-3.5) over BILLS. 

DEREK ANDERSON (-3) over Buccaneers.

JAMBOOGIE (-2.5) over Bengals. 

COLTS (-7) over J.J. Watt.

Raiders (+11) over CHIEFS.

Dolphins (+9.5) over PATRIOTS.

Washington Professional Football Team (+7) over GIANTS.

CHARGERS (+4.5) over Broncos. UPSET ALERT.

TITANS (+3) over Jets. UPSET ALERT. 

Vikings (+7.5) over LIONS.

SEAHAWKS (-9.5) over 49ers.

Cowboys (+3.5) over EAGLES.

BEARS (+3) over Saints. UPSET ALERT.

Last Week: 8-8

This Week: 1-0

Season: 96-110-2

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