Monday, June 18, 2012

NBA Chronicles, Monday June 18

Well, the Miami Heat pulled out a very nice win yesterday. The game seemed to swing in the Heat's favor when Durant got into some foul trouble late in the 3rd quarter, and for some reason Scott Brooks decided to sit down Russell Westbrook at the same time. During this period, the Thunder actually kept the lead that they had already built up, until the two stupid fouls on 3-point shooters that gift-wrapped 6 points for Miami. From that point on, the Heat seemed to take over the game. One of the reasons why this happened, James Harden. He has put in 2 bad games so far in the three games in this series and was very ineffective offensively last night.

The Heat shot 17% on shots outside of 10 feet last night, which shows that they got back to their strength, attacking the basket. If Miami can play like this for the rest for the series, combined with Harden's issues, then the end is very near for OKC.

More on this tomorrow.

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