Sunday, June 17, 2012

NBA Finals Chronicles, Sunday June 17

Okay, Game 3 tonight and this is a very important game in this series. Usually, when a series is tied at 1, Game 3 proves to be a very pivotal in determining the winner of the series. I expect the Thunder to take at least one of the game in South Beach, and this will be the one. Unfortunately, they are not making the right move and starting James Harden for some extra offense at the beginning of the game so that they don't get off to such a bad start. Despite this, I feel that OKC will find a way to not fall into an early hole because if they do, they do not have a chance to beat the Heat who were 28-5 at home during the regular season. Scott Brooks may sub in Harden faster than usual if his team gets down by a little bit, but I see all of the right moves being made in this game.

Westbrook will probably make the only adjustment that he needs to, run the offense better. I do not think that he should stop shooting completely, but he needs to play and shoot more in the flow of the offense.

The Thunder shall come away with the win here.

Unless LeBron runs the Kobe System (to dominate)

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