Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NBA Finals Chronicles, Tuesday June 19

This Game 4 will prove to be the most important game of this series, because if the Thunder win, they have a legitimate chance to win this series. If they Heat win, the series is over. There have been 13 cases in which one team has been up 3-1 in a series, and not only has the losing team never won, there has never even been a Game 7 between the two teams. History is not on the side of the Thunder, and while history doesn't mean everything, the Miami is too good to drop 3 games in a row to any team if they indeed win tonight's game.

I expect a lot of Kevin Durant in this game. In order to stay out of foul trouble, he will most likely not guard Lebron for all 4 quarters. He will have a lot more energy on the offensive end, and he knows and everyone else on his team knows that this game is a must-win. Though I am not saying that this is the only way that his team can win, but I do think that Kevin Durant will take over and score at least 40 points. He will put the team on his back and score effortlessly. He is shooting 57% this series, so he is already scoring efficiently, but he will probably shoot a lot more.

Due to the fact the Durant will not guard LeBron during the whole game, Sefolosha will most likely be on James during the first 3 quarters before Durant takes over for him in the 4th. This forces Durant onto Wade, but the issue with that is that KD's length actually works against him in that situation. Wade is a tiny bit quicker than him, and that matchup won't work well. This means that the player that Durant will most likely guard is Chris Bosh. In this situation, Kevin would be playing the 4, meaning that OKC will be going small. Bad news for Kendrick Perkins, because he is already non-essential to this series, and in a small lineup, Ibaka will get the majority of the minutes.

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