Thursday, June 28, 2012

NFL Top 100 List

Everyone knows about the Top 100 Players of 2012 in the NFL list that was voted on by the players. I have a lot of issues with this list, and that's to be expected, so let's start with the top.

Tom Brady was ranked number 4 under (from first to third) Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Calvin Johnson. As a Jets fan, I'd put him above Johnson. I watch too much football and too much of the Patriots to ignore Brady's ability to completely shred defenses. While Calvin Johnson is beyond beastly, Tom Brady is a quarterback, and at the elite level that he plays at, a quarterback deserves to be ahead of a wide receiver at the same level. Generally I'm fine with the placement because it's arguable either way between the two of them.

Darelle Revis can be lower, but I guess his placement is fine. He's a great shutdown corner and (favoritism, but with merit) his ability is unmatched at his position. It wouldn't be an outrage if he was lower, but still in the top 10.

I personally think that Patrick Willis is a better linebacker than DeMarcus Ware, even though he remains the most underrated player in the league. I mean, yes he somehow ended up at number 10, but he doesn't get enough credit for just how amazing he really is. I would move him up to number 6 and drop Ware to 10.

Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are way too high. They are great and are both first-ballot Hall of Famers, but age has changed their games lately. The fact that they are at 16 and 20 respectively is bad. There are other players at their positions that are better than them (see: Troy Polamalu, Clay Matthews, James Harrison).

I find it funny that Jimmy Graham is 7 spots above Rob Gronkowski. I do agree, but I wasn't sure that everyone gave Graham the credit that he deserves.

Okay, now here's to the New York Giants part of this (don't worry, though I'm a Jets fan, I don't hate the Giants. Even though Giants fans are extremely annoying, I enjoy seeing the team do well). Jason Pierre-Paul is a complete joke at 24. Second year in the league, he has a lot of talent and skills, but there is no way that he is the 24th best player in the league. It's just crazy to think that he had one good year and the rest of the NFL players think this of him. He is not better than Julius Peppers who is two spots behind him. Will he deserve to be at 24 or higher in the future? Yes, he will because he has the skills to be, but not right now. I'd even take Justin Tuck above him, who in a criminal act is only 62nd. Teammate Chris Canty was asked on ESPN if he would rather have JPP or DeMarcus Ware, and in a terrible statement, he picked Pierre-Paul. That's why defensive tackles shouldn't speak words.

Victor Cruz is 39, I don't even know what to say. He was on the practice squad in 2010, and he thrived in the slot last year. Again, it's one year, give me a break with this one. Outside of Devin Hester and Jordy Nelson, I would put every wide receiver ahead of him.

Eli Manning at 31 is psychotic. Ben Roethlisberger is not better than him. Eli has led his team to 2 Super Bowls and is an elite quarterback. I'd put him at 4th best QB in the league, which in the current era of signal callers is no insult at all.

Cam Newton is not better than Matthew Stafford. Yet. Newton has the unmatched ability to be an elite quarterback, but I want to see him improve on his accuracy a little bit.

I love how Peyton Manning did not sniff the field in 2011, and he made the list at 50. I consider him the best QB in NFL history, (I kid you not) but his neck surgery is a major question mark this year and in his future. I'm not sure at all how he'll play with that issue. He's still Peyton Manning and his ability is unquestionable.

Nnamdi Asomugha was considered to be the second best cornerback in the NFL, and he still is a great shutdown cover corner. He can take any WR out of the game completely. Guess his spot on this list? 79. Humorous.

My biggest issue with this list is one of the newest New York Jets. Tim Tebow is on this list. He should not even be mentioned along with "Top 100" at all. If Cruz's spot was criminal, Tebow is Al Capone. I can even begin to describe the stupidity it takes to put Tim Tebow at the 95th best player in the NFL. He's a quarterback and he can't do the most basic of QB skills, throw the ball. He's terrible at throwing and out of the 1,696 players on NFL rosters, he is not 95th. Even Mark Sanchez, who I have the agony of watching every week, is light years ahead of Tebow in terms of being a quarterback. If this is about winning, Sanchez has been further than Tebow in the playoffs, twice. I feel bad for Tony Romo, who is 4 spots ahead of Tebow. Romo is the second most underrated QB in the league, and it must suck to be considered "4 players ahead of Tebow."

Where is Matt Schaub? Talk about getting no respect, he is a top 10 quarterback and certainly racks up the yards every year. He also carried my fantasy team to the playoffs before he got injured.

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