Saturday, August 4, 2012

32 in 32: Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts
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St. Louis Rams tomorrow

2011 Record: 2-14

Key Acquisitions: Andrew Luck, Donnie Avery, Coby Fleener, Winston Justice
Key Departures: Peyton Manning (best QB in history), Dallas Clark, Pierre Garcon, Jeff Saturday, Joseph Addai

Rebuild mode: engaged. It made the most sense for the team to get rid of Manning and his questionable health to allow for the development of Andrew Luck. Clark and Saturday were both a big part of their core for the past few years, but that era is over. This team is going to be bad for the next few years just like how Manning started off his career.

The offense is okay. It's not at all great. Luck will be great eventually, but as of now, he's just a rookie with talent. He needs to gain the experience to lead this team to greatness.

He does have a great receiver to help him in Reggie Wayne. As long as Luck can throw the ball near Reggie, it's probably going to be a reception. His #2 receiver is Austin Collie, who I believe is just a creation of Peyton Manning (and Andrew Luck is not Peyton Manning) and isn't nearly as good as he's recently been. Peyton has a thing for creating good wideouts. Just happens when you're the best. With Wayne being double covered a lot of the time, Collie (who has injury troubles) would be the primary receiver for Luck. That's not good.

The TE that they drafted in the 2nd round, Coby Fleener was considered to be the best tight end in the 2012 draft. This pick was perfect because he played with Andrew Luck at Stanford. Luck and Fleener have already established a connection, and they should be a dynamic combination.

Donald Brown, is not very good either, but he's better than Joseph Addai. Brown is an average to below average running back, and for a young QB, he's unhelpful.

The offensive line is average, but with Luck's mobility, he can avoid the pressure by running.

They still have some good pass rushers in Freeney, Mathis and Angerer. Their defensive line outside of Freeney doesn't impress me. The secondary seems to have some potential. Antoine Bethea has already made 2 Pro Bowls, but the question mark is Jerraud Powers. He showed some good flashes last year, but didn't seem to be able to put it all together. Tom Zbikowski has always been a reliable option at safety throughout his career.

Special Teams
We know what to expect from Adam Vinateiri, he's very reliable. Pat McAfee has always been a decent punter. I have no idea who is going to be their kick returner, possibly Powers.

5-11, 3rd in the AFC South

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