Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekly Awards 8/20/12

Best Player in Baseball- Seemed like somebody forgot to tell Mike Trout that he's supposed to be in a slump. His team is in a slump, but not him.
Impressive Minor Leaguer of the Week- Trevor Bauer was brought up to the major leagues earlier this year, but he had to be sent down because the that he approached hitters was not major league ready. He has great stuff, but he's not nearly aggressive enough to max out his potential. In the minors, he was able to throw pitches out of the zone and get hitters to chase after it. Once he was called up however, the batters started to just take his pitches for balls, which is why he walked so many batters. The second that he learns to start challenging hitters to hit his pitches (which they probably cannot do very often), he's going to be great. His fastball isn't overpowering, but he has great command of all of his pitches and his breaking balls have a very sharp break to them.
Amar'e Stoudemire/Javale McGee Stupid Act of the Week- Boston Red Sox management. Everyone knows that Carl Crawford needs to have Tommy John surgery. He can't even throw properly. It took a meeting with him to convince them to shut him down for the season. That's because they are shortsighted enough to believe that they still have a chance at the playoffs. The Red Sox are a joke. Fried Chicken and Beer.
Fix Your Bullpen- Frank Francisco tried to do it again. last week. Once again he created a save situation out of a 6-1 game. Once again, Jon Rauch bailed him out. Closers are stupid.
Wow- Wayne Hunter is bad.
Skip Bayless Annoying Analyst Award- All people on ESPNRadio that still have hope for my Jets. They're hopeless. Stop it.
Birthday of the Day- Todd Helton. Always underappreciated. The most dangerous hitter that nobody knows.
Mike Trout Award- The man is great.
NL Version of Mike Trout- He'll never be Trout, but he's not too far off.

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