Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekly Awards 8/27/12

Best Player in Baseball- Mike Trout until further notice. In other words, for the next 15 years.
D'oh!- The Dodgers in 3 years when they realize how much money they are paying Adrian Gonzalez.
Right Tackle of the Week- Austin Howard belongs in the Hall of Fame. That is, if Wayne Hunter was considered a good blocker. Either way, Howard didn't get lifted up and thrown like Wayne Hunter, so he's an automatic improvement.
Jets Touchdown of the Week- Oh wait!
Impressive Minor Leaguer of the Week- Both Tyler Skaggs and Collin McHugh made their major league debuts last week, and both were extremely impressive. Unlike McHugh, Skaggs has always been a highly touted prospect. Also unlike McHugh, Skaggs was not sent down to the minors before ever appearing in another game. I've already talked about McHugh, but Skaggs is a five pitch pitcher with great movement. He has command of the strike zone, and won't overpower hitters, but he won't get touched up too often.
Amar'e Stoudemire/JaVale McGee Stupid Act of the Week- The Jets get this for not trying to use their stupid Tebow package in a game situation. While everyone knows that it won't work, it's best if they at least see what it looks like at game speed. Instead, the organization wants to act like they're running a covert operation in which no one can know anything about that package. Not like Tebow did the same thing last year. As if Tony Sparano didn't run that in Miami. They also need this award for treating Tim Tebow like a starter. All first-team players and Tim Tebow will not play in the preseason finale. Stupid.
Fix Your Bullpen- Last chance before the waiver deadline! Come on Metsies! Hopefully someone will give up a reliever that is under contract for next year for the return of either Scott Hairston or Andres Torres, both of whom are on waivers.
Skip Bayless Annoying Analyst Award- He basically said on national TV (I'm paraphrasing): "Tim Tebow is terrible unless his receivers are wide open and people aren't trying to defend him." I love him.
Birthday of the Day- Ghanaian National Team midfielder Sulley Muntari turns 28 today. Shout out to Darren McFadden. Also to his fantasy owners that will be in tears by Week 6.
Mike Trout Award- Trout.
NL Version of Mike Trout- Drew is cooling off a little bit now. With that comes the complete downward spiral of his team.

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