Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekly Awards 8/13/12

Best Player in Baseball- I just learned that in terms of WAR per game (because he was called up in late April, this was researched to compare other seasons historically based on their WAR per games played), Mike Trout is currently number 3 on the All-Time list. Not only is he having the best rookie season of all time, he's on pace for the third best season (give or take, WAR isn't a perfect statistic) of all time. All. Time.
Olympic Sport of the Week- Walking. Yes that's an Olympic sport. I loved waking up and watching people speed-walk for medals.
Cocky but it's Okay- Usain Bolt called himself, "the greatest athlete to ever live," and he might as well be. The funny thing with Bolt is that no matter how arrogant the words that come out of his mouth actually are, it's alright because he's so good. With anyone else, it would be front page news, but with Bolt, that's just him.  I love it.
Impressive Minor Leaguer of the Week- You've all heard of him by now. He's already been called up to the major league roster and made a quick impact. Manny Machado is going to be very good baseball player. He's not Mike Trout because there's only one Mike Trout, but Machado has the ability to come 2nd in the AL MVP Voting for 10 years straight. He makes solid contact with the ball and has very good bat speed. He also has a very good approach at the plate. His range is very good, but people are always saying that he will grow too big for the position of shortstop. I don't agree with that, but he's currently playing third for Baltimore. He'll probably rate as a very good defensive third baseman.
Amar'e Stoudemire/Javale McGee Stupid Act of the Week- Chad Johnson, you disgust me.
Fix Your Bullpen- Did you see that yesterday? Edgin is a batter away from the end of the game, and Collins decides to bring in Frank Francisco. Walks Juan Francisco (no relation) to load the bases. The Braves score 4 runs in the inning. The Mets escaped with a 6-5 win thanks to Jon Rauch bailing out Franky.
Guy Who Will be Overused by the Jets Because They Think He's Better than He Actually Is- Tim Tebow
Skip Bayless Annoying Analyst Award- He has perfected the art of trolling on twitter. Honestly, go follow @RealSkipBayless. It's quite worth it.
Birthday of the Day- Elvis Grbac. Any Ravens fans or anyone who has played NFL Quarterback Club 2002 understands why Elvis Grbac is so important.
Mike Trout Award- Rajai Davis thinks he's Mike Trout, but only Mike Trout is Mike Trout.
NL Version of Mike Trout- Cutch is putting the team on his back.

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