Friday, June 14, 2013

NBA Finals Chronicles, Friday June 14

Dwyane Wade!!!

He finally showed up!

Last night, we got a glimpse of the old Dwyane Wade, and I remembered how much fun it always was to watch him. He was attacking the basket at will, and his jumpers were falling. He looked like the old superstar we all knew and loved. He was drawing fouls and making wicked layups all night long.

The rest of the Big 3 also did their thing. LeBron looked like LeBron after that inexcusable Game 3 performance. Chris Bosh played a great game overall, on both sides of the ball. Last night, he quieted all the people that consider him to be a bad defender. He was a force in the middle. 

This was the type of game that the Miami Heat expected when they assembled this trio back in 2010. 

As for the Spurs, Tony Parker didn't look right in the second half. He was dominant in the first half, but it may have been his hamstring hampering him, but whatever it is, he struggled in the second half. Other than that, there isn't much to say, because the Heat are unstoppable when their Big Three is playing well together. 

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