Saturday, June 8, 2013

NBA Finals Chronicles, Saturday June 8

I'm finally over the shock of the ridiculous end to Game 1, so I'll go into a bit more detail about that game here. I'll start by saying that Chris Bosh is open for a reason. Under no circumstances should he be shooting threes late in the fourth quarter.

 That brings me to another point. Yes LeBron noticed an open teammate ready to bomb a three, and yes usually it is the smart basketball play. He was a bit too passive in Game 1. He wasn't driving to the hoop enough, only managing to shoot 4 free throws in the whole game. That lack of aggression was one of the biggest reasons why they lost. He's a great passer, but LeBron is also the best player on his team and unstoppable at the rim. He needs to hog the ball more.

Tony Parker was great, without that crazy shot at the end of the game. The real surprise, however, was Tim Duncan. There's something to be said for how well Gregg Popovich has managed Duncan's minutes throughout the year because I certainly didn't expect Timmy to play 37 minutes in Game 1. Not only that, he was completely dominant in those minutes.

I'm not completely surprised that the Spurs won, because I did expect them to take one in Miami. It was great basketball, I'm excited for the rest of the series.

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