Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NBA Finals Chronicles, Wednesday June 12

Last night's Game 3 was sufficiently ridiculous. The Spurs set a Finals record with 16 three pointers, though I can't say I was surprised. Gary Neal has the potential to catch fire at any time for however long. I always knew that he was a lethal shooter, and Danny Green has improved his shot recently.

The problem was the Heat defense. They were leaving people wide open because they were more concerned about protecting the paint. Let's just say that their strategy didn't exactly work out to their advantage.

Speaking of defensive strategy, the Spurs are doing an amazing job neutralizing LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. They're packing in the paint and forcing both to take jump shots, something that neither really excels at. Both are decent shooters, but are more comfortable driving to the lane. In LeBron's case, he needs to decide that despite the defense not giving him the opportunity, he'll get inside anyway.

Also, Tony Parker got hurt, which could be a major issue. Stay tuned for more news on that.

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