Saturday, June 15, 2013

NBA Finals Chronicles, Saturday June 15

Now that the series is tied 2-2, it's time for me to revisit my prediction for the outcome of the series. While it is possible for the Spurs to come out on top in this series, I'm sticking with my initial pick of Heat in 7. The problem with the Spurs is Tony Parker.

Parker's hamstring was obviously bothering him in the second half of Game 4, which is why he was held scoreless after 15 points in the first half. The Spurs's chances of winning hinges on the health of Parker. Is he is fine and can play near his star level, they can certainly win. He needs to be able to essentially cancel out LeBron James. After those two are taken out of the equation, I think that the Spurs actually have the better overall team.

Now again, this is already assuming that LeBron will get his usual near triple double with 30+ points and that he's doing a good job of setting up his teammates. For San Antonio to win, Parker needs to get near a triple double as well. He's certainly capable of it under normal circumstances, but I don't think that it's possible while he's dealing with his injury.

For that reason, I think the Heat will win in 7 games and quite possibly in 6.

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