Sunday, June 9, 2013

NBA Finals Chronicles, Sunday June 9

It's time for Game 2, and after the events of the first game in this series, I'm not sure what to expect tonight. I think that overall, the Spurs are actually the better team out of the two, but I'm still confident that the Heat will win the series. In order for that to happen, Miami will have to win tonight. The chances of them coming back from 0-2 down are small against a great team like San Antonio.

We will see dominant LeBron. It won't necessarily be from the beginning of the game, but he'll appear once he realizes that his team needs him to take over. There will be a point where Chris Bosh will go back to his bad shooting from the Eastern Conference Finals. Udonis Haslem will not hit his jumpers. Dwyane Wade will stupidly shoot bad perimeter shots. Even if it's just for a quarter, LeBron James is going to take over, and it will be great.

Tim Duncan will once again be great. He looks energized and ready to go. It'll be interesting to see how many minutes he can play at a high level.

The Heat defense will focus a bit more attention on Tony Parker, but to no avail. Either way, he's going to still score at will, or he will get a few more assists by making the smart pass as he always does.

I predict that Miami wins in a close one.

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