Tuesday, June 11, 2013

NBA Finals Chronicles, Tuesday June 11

It's time for Game 3, as the series has now shifted to San Antonio for the next three games with this ridiculous 2-3-2 format. This may also mean that the Spurs will be wearing their new gray alternate jerseys that they've been using at home throughout the playoffs. Let's just say, I hate those uniforms a lot. The white home jerseys look so much better.

Anyway, enough with the uniform talk, I think that the Spurs will win tonight's game. I do not see them getting back to back stinkers out of Duncan and Parker. I see them being better at protecting the ball and in turn cutting down the turnovers. I also see them getting a bigger contribution from Kawhi Leonard while Danny Green does his thing, shooting corner threes. I also expect Manu Ginobili to at least be present, which he hasn't been during the first two games of the series.

This isn't an indictment on the Heat, but Game 3 was close until they went on an unprecedented run that will not happen again. Their role players aren't consistent enough for me to expect major contributions from them in back to back games. I do see LeBron picking up the scoring load in tonight's game, but to no avail. I have absolutely no idea what Dwyane Wade is going to do, but if he plays well then the Heat will win. If not, the Spurs will take their first home game of the series. 

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